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Welcome to the Teaching, Learning and Professional Education Center at Chadron State College. The purpose of our department is to assist faculty with any and all teaching and learning needs. We provide a number of services detailed in the services section. The goal is to help you to be more aware of trends in educational theory and philosophy and assist you in putting them into practice. We want to help you grow as curriculum developers and educators through professional development and one-on-one consultations. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.






Upcoming Events

Motivation Theories and Understanding Students November 10
Understanding human motivation can enable instructors to reflect on how, why, and if students engage in academic activities. By structuring the classroom environment in a way that supports productive and healthy motivation, instructors can help students develop motivation that supports learning and well-being, in addition to performance. This session will introduce participants to basic theories of human motivation, and participants will collaborate to apply the principles of these theories to their own classroom practice.


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